Middle school soccer team

One of my biggest regrets in life is not trying, in middle school with playing soccer. Everybody made fun of the coach, because he lived in a basement. I remember seeing vomit on the field, and then I told the coach…that I threw up. I got to sit on the bleachers…and I skipped practice.

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I tried sports but couldn’t do them because of my heart. Quite literally turned blue. They stopped letting me tryout after having to call an ambulance a couple of times.

What is the condition of your heart? What’s wrong with it? That sounds scary @velociraptor

@Jake , you were just a kid. It just wasn’t your thing.

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Born with a congenital heart defect called corrected transposition of the great vessels with complications. What makes mine really unique is that it sort of self-corrected to the way it is now in the womb, it’s not the result of surgery. That makes me kind of a unicorn to most cardiologists. I also have a complete nerve block (the reason I need a pacer) and one valve that took a hit from bacterial endocarditis. It leaks a touch and they’re talking about replacing it. Finally, I have a chamber in atrial fibrillation 100% of the time now, which means I have to eat blood thinners out of a PEZ dispenser because of the concomittant clotting risk. I’ve always had much less circulation than someone else my age would and things have gone downhill some over the years.

Since you asked.


Wow. That’s a lot to deal with. I’m so sorry you’re going through all that. It sounds really scary. How are your energy levels

I’m impressed with how you manage to just keep on keepin on and don’t let your medical conditions rule your life. All the walking and weight loss you’ve managed during the pandemic is really amazing.

It’s really scary having a heart problem. I have a mild mitral valve leak. Sometimes it causes very bad palpitations. I also get breathless easily.

I am glad you are doing good.

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