Middle aged thinking has me down

I keep reminiscing lately…something I told myself not to do but the thoughts come in every day depressing me…I keep thinking about my two dogs I used to have when I got sick…after being hospitalized I had to give them away and they both met bad ends under the owners that took the dogs…how do you get over something like that?

The way I see it, you were trying to do good by giving the dogs up in the first place, trying to give them a better home.

The new owners are the ones who are guilty, not you. Hindsight is always 20/20, and it will only hurt.

Sometimes I have ruminations on my failings. But something I have to remember is that they’re in the past, and a human thing to do.

The best thing we can do is to try our best to be better next time, learn from it, and try not to let it happen again.

I think it’s time you forgive yourself, hard as that is. I’m wishing you the best.


Perhaps you could help yourself move on by adopting a rescue dog. I say this based on my own beliefs which I won’t directly share. If I remember right you live in an apartment. Is that a roadblock to adopting a pet? @Ooorgle already said it well and wise. I’m merely adding another viewpoint.


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I agree with our local poet skunk. If you are feeling more stable, able to handle the responsibility, and are allowed, then I think getting a rescue is a wonderful idea! So many dogs that need the love I think you have to give. A new companion you can spoil

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And if you are prohibited from owning a pet at your current residence then perhaps volunteering to walk dogs at a shelter or heck volunteer at a kennel. I don’t give this advice lightly because I’m thinking of doing the very same.

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When you gave them away did you know the new owners would treat them the way they did or did you believe they were in good hands? You can’t judge a book by its cover and if you believed the latter there is nothing to feel guilty about.


I’m sorry for repeating essentially what you said. I didn’t look before I leaped.

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No apologies needed at all, your words are valued! I’m glad people share the thought, and I hope Juke likes the support from multiple people.

thank you all…I have two dogs now and I love them…we saved our latest addition as a puppy from freezing temps…so I feel good about that…

no I didn’t know the new owners were going to let the dogs fall to ill ends…

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