Microsoft planning to overhaul Windows to signal it is ‘BACK’


Yay it’s Windows 8 all over again!

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I liked Windows 8 much more for my tablet. Its more tablet/touch screen friendly, I regret upgrading to Win 10.

Tablets suck too.

I hope it’s easy to use.

Why do you say that??

FYI Tablets have way better battery life than any laptop.

I skipped Windows 8 because it was too radical a departure from Windows 7 for me to cope with.

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Because we have laptops and phones and both are better for gaming and for working than tablets.

My brothers work use tablets for work. Microsoft Surface, battery lasts much more than any laptop. Lots of businesses use tablets.

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I have had my laptop for 5 years and have encountered the “no available outlet and low battery” problem approximately twice.

OK so it has a niche use.

You never went to university or was in a class then. No power outlet there.

I am in university and we have outlets absolutely everywhere.

In the middle of a class? Must be some high tech school.

Hated my laptop in university. Battery dies after 1-2h in a 4h30 class. So I bought a second battery. I guess its an option. Idk why some businesses use Microsoft Surface tablets.

No it’s not high tech at all. We have outlets between the seats and on the tables. I don’t think it’s that radical. The rooms are still old and the ventilation sucks.

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Oh I didnt have that but people in the back used the back wall outlets.

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It’s probably not very expensive to make those adjustments. It’s not like the outlets have to handle washing machines or heaters. They’re just used for laptops and for charging phones.

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I recently bought an Android tablet for my father to watch Youtube, 10.5" screen. He doesnt know how to use Windows or a laptop, he’s 70 y.o.

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