On a micro dose of antipsychotics and feeling alive again. With acceptance of pdoc. I honestly feel like crap pumped full of drugs and fat and feeling nothing. For me honestly it’s usually a severe stress that overtakes me which leads to my symptoms and psychosis. Which starts out as a bodily stress. Currently taking .25 mg of resperidone a night. Start to feel like crap when I take nothing. But that could be because I have been taking this stuff for 10 years now. Current weight loss in about a week has been about 10 pounds. Eating normally. I have faith that this will work out for me. I know there is a lot of ppls who say 6 months later it all falls apart. But I mean it’s never been that black and white for me. It’s always a slow burn and I can always catch myself before I fall.

Also. Just wanted to say about my last post. I really get frustrated about things sometimes. But overall I like this community. And you get back what you put in so. So I’m back and I’m fine. No longer ranting and raving.


Good for you. Glad things are looking up for you

I normally say a month ! You’re off meds. There’s a honeymoon period when you come off meds where you initially feel better.

I hope you can.