Michael Anthony Kerr, Inmate With Schizophrenia, Died Of Thirst After 35 Days Of Solitary


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Yeah–we`ve come a long way…

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That’s some crazy ■■■■. To deprive yourself of water to commit suicide.

I don’t think he deprived himself of fluids. I think they killed him. Withholding proper medical treatment including and especially mental health treatment constitutes homicide.


Wow what a horrific way to go. So many things went wrong with this case. I’m glad to see that a bunch of people were fired at least and that the head psychiatrist got demoted. What were they thinking!?! Officials can’t even document when Kerr had last eaten. I agree that there should be criminal negligence charges against someone, I’m not sure about homicide.

It would be considered negligent homicide, at least.