MIA - Missing members - Where the hell are they?

Probably fondling a buttcheek somewhere. I don’t understand people with bizarre fetishes.

[ notes unkempt condition of @77nick77’s ankle ]

[ may have been too close to a buttcheek ]

[ so not biting that ]



Where’s @Jonnybegood? I haven’t seen @Aku1


You could always come back to post some pictures of Mason.


I’m sorry you feel unsupported and like you have a bad reputation that will never go away. I don’t feel that way about you, and I truly believe there are many here who agree with me.

It’s ok to leave, but I hope you decide to stay, even if it means you need to take a break for a while


Whatever happened to @Nomad ?


I’m lurking :nerd_face:



Good to hear it. Also where’s @far_cry0 ?


What happened to Mental Floss? I don’t see his username active anymore


He anoned.


@Loke , i am in problem now, because of not taking my meds. I have opened my civil engineering consultancy, with registration and GST. But my family opposes to resign from my job. I am already in four months leave. I have started my medicine again and unable to solve this situation. Anyway thanks for remembering.


where is the old woman poet…I forget her name now… @patchofblue


@Joker, wishing you the best, but this illness is a slow beast to come back from. Patience is needed. Anyhow, you’ve done amazing stuff before and you can do it again. Of that I am certain.

Take care of yourself please.



I find some of the critiques of members not doing well and saying it’s on them for not doing well and getting better etc happens frequently. Some advice don’t come across constructive even though i understand it comes from a place of wanting to help.

Sometimes its better to just listen.

It’s like no one remembers when they were in a bad place, and how many years it took, and especially with the healthcare system right now, patients are not receiving the same care from a few years ago.

  1. I remember the bad place. I get to revisit it every few nights in bad dreams.
  2. I am painfully familiar with how long recovery takes. I’m trying to prevent the n00bs from going down some of the wrong paths I did to save them some suffering.
  3. The mental health care system has continually sucked where I live. Most of my recovery is self-actuated because if I had waited for others I would still be waiting.
  4. That last item hasn’t changed over the thirty years I’ve had SZ.
  5. The sooner you nudge people into getting treatment the better their prognosis. The longer you let them stew in their own juices the worse their outcomes will be (I’d put the odds of meaningful recovery for people who have spent the last decade in their bedroom at 1 in 10 at best). Also, refer to item 2. Recovery takes a long time so might as well start NOW.
  6. I don’t have the time or energy to listen to delusional spooge. It’s a waste of their time and my time. Let’s get talking about recovery.

Whom am I missing?

OIP (4)


I wish @fear would come back. We were friends back in the old days on here and I was hoping to find her again after I ditched out and disappeared. If ur reading this, sorry fear.


Yes, but while people are in an acute phase of suffering.

It doesn’t help to say, whether they have insight or not, aggression and impulsivity is not something controllable. Saying they are at fault for having aggression or feelings of aggression and not being able to control it is their fault is wrong.

Most of us are in treatment, want treatment, many don’t even have access to therapist.

Some don’t even have access to pdocs. Sorry I do notice people who are struggling seem to have more understanding than those who do well and think that if they can do it, everyone else can get better in the same way. When the illness is a spectrum and everyone’s symptoms and severity are different.


How many users here have been in an acute phase of suffering for YEARS now? You and I both know who they are.

If you were stable on meds and chose to go off meds and bad @#$% happens then it most certainly WAS your fault. That’s the most common scenario.

You know when I got access to the best treatment? After I was stable enough that it was kind of optional for me. Not when I needed it the most.

Finally, an acute phase of suffering is the very best place to start from. It’s the foundation of AA. Y’know, the world’s most successful recovery program. Nothing motivates a person to try new things like not wanting to live through another day of hell.


My mind always goes to the worst case scenario… sometimes I think these MIA members may have passed away. I know Aziz was unhappy with his life and was suicidal in the past. I hope my fellow Canadian is doing alright.


I stand by my assessment.

I love this site. I like the members, including you. I am here for support, community, learning and help with recovery if possible.

But I also see when the community isn’t helpful in instances.

But I will digest your response to my thoughts. I am open to being wrong.