Mexican Restaurant Visit - 02-17-20

I am having a 22oz Did Equis, a ground beef burrito, a ground beef tostada with lettuce and tomato and sour cream, and of course complimentary chips and salsa.

I will take a pic.



scooch over, I’m sliding in

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Slide in, I am already done though ha, I eat pretty quick especially when I am the only one doing the eating. It’s kinda fun flying solo, some of the time.

How is your night going @Leaf?

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Good on you man, I feel good too although I currently don’t have concrete examples to bring to the table with regard to parents. We have different circumstances. But… and I can’t refrain due to my mood:

Do you like Brando or something?

I read something on him once… about the roles he chose and it was simply ‘nice’… it said he “maintained a good attitude despite being pulverized by circumstances.”

And I think that’s a teaching type moment for everything Sz related!

It was good for a minute when I thought I was getting Mexican but now I don’t know, sad face, jk. It’s good. Why the treat? Any special reason?

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I’ll thumb wrestle you for it lolol

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When I was in nursery school, my mom boasted to me that she got a good deal while buying my coat. While entering the building I saw a boy with a similar or same looking coat, and felt stupid.

But maybe you’ve been helping me with a different ‘brand’ of cojones … to be “Mexican” about it all.

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No special reason, I usually go eat chicken every Monday with my dad but I had to take my kids to get picked up by ex-wife so I thought I would switch it up since he was going to go get chicken by himself.

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It’s gone @JustTrish , next time I will thumb wrestle you for it ha.

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I’m having corndogs for dinner later, I can’t wait, I haven’t had a corndog since the last time I was at the fair with the kids quite a few years back.


Hmmm… I think I understand. Silence can be cool; and I won’t press on your magic/style.

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I’m having ribs in half an hour… so neener lol

Didn’t mean to ignore you @anon64158233 , I was making my bed, what’s going on with you?

Mostly I wax philosophical a lot.

If you ever want to ask me anything I’m totally there for you. Just thought we might have some things in common. I know I’m approx. 10 years your senior. (or a little more).

I could have taught/been a teacher by now but my eyes wander, and I blushed a few times historically, so I just don’t know. But I know I’d try hard to be good at it; like in a Robin Williams flick.

I guess there’s all boys places(I seem to recall going to one). But they might smell blood in the water about my failures with women, bc you know… boyish youth.

This site is making me confident. It’s a total pipe dream through and through. I thought of it here, while forming this : )

Looks delicious!!! Now, I’m hungry.

Yikes! I want some!

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