Methylphenidate with ap and benzos

Any body get an rx for methylphenidate with ap and benzos? I have no energy anymore. Is this a possible regiment?

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I take dexedrine with my AP and I also take a benzo.
The combination works well for me.
I tried ritalin before but it kinda made me feel angry, where as amphetamine just gives me energy to fight through negative symptoms.

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@nfy how long does it last? I’m looking for short term to wake me up for work.

I used to use it as I have adhd. I had to give it up because it caused me to have psychosis.

Be careful when using stimulants, especially strong ones. Just a word of advice.


Ritalin lasts about 6-8 hours.
Dexedrine is extended release and lasts about 12 hours
It will definitely perk you up.
You’ll probably feel some euphoria till you get used to it.

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I take concerta. It doesn’t help as much as I hoped but its okay

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I was taking Wellbutrin xr for fatigue in morning.It helped,and it’s not amphetamine but is from amphetamine class.It made me more energetic,had sharp mind.

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