Methaporically speaking are you being held a prisoner by certain things in your life?

So metaphorically speaking are you being held a prisoner by certain things in your life?

I start to give some perspective.

To me is my faulty computer hard drive which sometimes is making clicking notices when it does it’s hard drive things. Which I have to cancel by wearing ear buds so that i can no longer hear it. I didn’t buy my PC from factory but from some dude which was home made and constructed with various cheap parts.

Being held a prisoner is a strong term, but I feel like if I could just turn off my PC the annoyance would go away. Anything in your life that one little thing if you could just remove it and the pressure would go away?

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I am a prisoner to anxiety.


If you remove that one annoying thing, you will soon find another annoying thing. Acceptance is the key :key:

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I’m not a prisoner. Just in a pod , working every day , doing fun activities, got no girl with nothing to live for with a mental illness that cannot be cured , not even treated.


Agoraphobia for sure.


Same here, I’m a prisoner to my anxiety and agoraphobia


I’ve heard it said that if you care what others think of you, you are their prisoner. That’s me to a certain degree, so I’ll go with that


Not metaphysically, but my degree is preventing me from getting onto a masters because they didnt mark the final modules and therefore wrote pass by default. I would have a 60 or 50 pass but theyve left it as a “pass” by extenuating circumstances which is confusing the people who deal wirh my application.


It seems that people are having different experiences at different stages of their life. In my case the more I expose myself to things the more I realize that they don’t actually mean anything.

This could be an ultimate pathway to healing and recovery. Gradual exposure whilst building resilience.

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Im a prisoner from antipsychotic induced negative symptoms


Go to newegg and get a new computer or hard drive.

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