Metformin Recall

It seems as though there’s different types of Metformin out there, so just posting this for my friends who currently take it:


I saw this in the news. I no longer take Metformin, but take a different diabetes medication. I let a friend who takes Metformin know last night, and she’s going to check with her pharmacist and doctor.

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Mine wasn’t any of the recalled ones. I checked with my pharmacy so I’m good. But thanks for letting everyone know

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Is this in Canada too? I haven’t been taking Metformin lately.

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Not too sure Aziz, but the article mentions the manufacturer that makes it.

I forget the name already :upside_down_face:

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Here’s the info. from the FDA website for this new recall. Note that there were other recalls on some Metformin products this past summer.


I called my pharmacy and the brand of Metformin I use wasn’t recalled.
Thanks for the info @Schztuna!