Metformin: Pains in my thighs

I’m on metformin due to abilify induced high blood sugar. Now I’m getting muscle aches and pains in my thighs.

Anybody on metformin experience aches and pains?

That is a red flag for that med. You should tell your doctor about it.


OK, I’ll do that.

I think that I did get some muscle soreness from Metformin in the start of treatment, but it went away after like a week.

I would mention it to your doctor just in case @everhopeful - Good luck with everything.

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I’m not on metformin so I can’t offer any advice. I just wondered how your blood sugar was going since starting? Any reduction in levels?

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Haven’t had a blood test yet to see. I’ll be having one soon.

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Well, I’ve made an appointment to see the doctor for tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve discovered a multivitamin takes the pain away for a few hours.


@everhopeful are you still taking Niacin?
Extra Niacin can also cause muscle cramping/pains.

And how did you go at the doctor’s office?

@wave, @anon84763962, no I only took the niacin once. The pains went away, so I didn’t go to the doctor. But I’ll still mention them next time I see them.

I didn’t think about the niacin, that could have had something to do with it.

I don’t have any other symptoms of metformin lactic acidosis (well, none at all now), which is what @mortimermouse was alluding to I think.

Thanks guys.


I am pretty sure that some muscle pain can be a common side effect - less severe with Metformin.
Like I said before, it happened to me when I first started this medication, it eventually away.

Some muscle pain/cramping does not neccesarily mean lactic acidosis.

Yeah, I would talk it over with your doctor

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I’m glad the pain went away for you @everhopeful.

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