Metformin Helps in Weight Loss (for Clozapine Associated Obesity): A Systematic Review

Good news!


Metformin significantly improved three of the five components of metabolic syndrome; waist circumference, fasting glucose and triglycerides. Sensitivity analysis on study quality and duration did not greatly impact results.


Metformin led to clinically meaningful weight loss among people on clozapine, and may reduce the rates of metabolic syndrome. Inclusion of metformin into the treatment protocols of people on clozapine, as tolerated, should be considered.



I’m on metformin now due to abilify induced high blood sugar. I’m also on a diet. Before metformin the lowest I could go before giving up was 2200 calories a day. Now on metformin I’m able to go as low as 1700.

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Doctors wont prescribe it though. They say you have to diet and excersize which is not as easy as said

Perhaps if you email this research summary they will give it to you? Or print it out and hand it to them the next time you see them…

Here is the full research paper:

Metformin for Clozapine Associated Obesity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

I’ve never been on Clozapine but I take Metformin for PCOS. I never noticed weight loss from it or a decrease in appetite. I gained most of my weight from Seroquel and Risperdol but since switching to Latuda and Geodon I’ve lost 50lbs doing Weight Watchers. One surprising thing about Metformin though. PCOS can cause severe treatment resistant depression. As a teenager they thought I was Bipolar because antidepressants didn’t touch my depression. Once starting on Metformin my depression went away. I’ve been on it since 2012 and haven’t had any depression since. :sunny:

Iv been on metformin for a month now havnt lost anything :frowning: