Metanoia is where it's at

metanoia is used to describe the experience of abandoning an old scripted self or false self for a more open one: a process which may be marked by a mixture of intensity, despair, self-surrender, and an encounter with the inner void.

This is where I’m at, I would bet a large percentage of schizophrenics get there after trying to understand and fight our struggle


Source: wikipedia

I used to live in a fantasy world through the Internet then I realized I had to come to terms with reality so I made an effort to come forward about my real self. Reminds me of paranoia but I know it’s way different

Ok , I Seem To Be Within A Voyd Of Sorts Right Now ,

Yes (to anyone out there) , YES I Am Taking My Meds ,

A Voyd That Becomes Intensity , No Despair (with tha help of music) , No Surrender ,

But It Brings Round Round Back Towards Thus Voyd … ,

I Suppose Where I Am At Now Is , Perhaps LETTING GO ,

With As Much As I Can Possibly Let Go ,

I Have Two / Three Voyses Now ,

But I Have (in tha past) Have Been Within A Voyd For Such A Long T(Y)me That I Am Used To It ,

Does What I Say Make Any Sense Gwen777 (???)