Metal Detector?

Anyone here got a metal detector and have you found anything?

I’d love to get one because this would be an hobby that would get me out of the house but not be a group thing which is my idea of hell. Even if I never ever found anything good, I think it would do me good to get some fresh air and exercise.


I once thought of getting a metal detector when I was much younger but never got round to it. I think for me it would be useless living in a pavemented town centre but if you lived where there was lots of fields you might just strike lucky and unearth an ancient fortune.

Or knowing my luck a hoard of bottle tops lol!

Beaches are the places to go. Pick up rings,watches etc. Also lots of bottle tops lol.

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And sand is easier to dig than soil.

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I live in a seaside town but seldom venture down to the beach. If I was to use a metal detector I’d do it when the beach was quiet.


Early morning when the tide is out.

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hahahahaha how to use re-use bottle tops hahahahaha

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Technically, all hidden treasure found in the UK belongs to the Queen!


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