Metabolic abnormalities and low dietary Omega 3 are associated with symptom severity and worse functioning prior to the onset of psychosis: Findings from the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Studies Consortium


The vulnerability to alteration the normal metabolic processes during the onset of sz occurrence
is associated with the processes that occur in the psychological side,specially the current mental /sentimental processes which they are coding and decoding the changing the speed/direction and repetition rate of the normal metabolic processes
The acceleration ,modification the direction and repetition rate of the mental signs reflected on the metabolic processes
The effects of things so-called psychosis on the mental sings which they are broadcast by brain perception cells causing the acceleration,modify the direction and repetition rate of the higher knowledge processes which supposed that the mind of the person deal with their content

the features of modified metabolism performed by number,speed,time and direction of the higher mental processes within the mental level !!
the psychosis is not a natural part of the psychological component of the human being ,it is independent and acts/behaves with the mental sings as a strange function (intruder

Most of us had psychosis here, maybe you don’t believe it but it’s not “so-called”

If you have something so-called psychosis and know what is this .
Tell me ,how you feel the thing so-called psychosis inside your self ?

It’s called psychosis not so-called psychosis like it’s a ghost or not real. I know it exists because i had it, it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, I don’t know, but it’s real, many who post here on site had psychosis, you don’t know because you are a writer and you read from books or internet about it.
That’s why i keep taking medication antipsychotics and i have a diagnosis

Asked you:How you feel the real psychosis inside your self?
You said,it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain.
How you feel the effect of chemical imbalance on your self ?

Well i had psychosis and i had audio hallucinations ( voices which only myself heard it, imaginary voices but i heard them in my ears loud and i believed them as being real) i had visual hallucinations ( i saw things which were not real) and i was so delusional at that time, and this is only a part of it, i won’t describe it all.
Currently and along the years since diagnosed i still have some voices, sounds and i see some things, plus i have sometimes paranoid thinking etc etc and so on

How you feel the effect of chemical imbalance on your self ?
you said : I had audio hallucinations,Visual hallucinations , I was so delusional at that time and have sometimes paranoid thinking

1-This means that the hallucinations , delusion and paranoid are a part of the term " psychosis"/ or chemical imbalance
2-You feel the hallucinations,delusion and paranoid as a result of chemical imbalance
You think that, merely chemical change in the brain make you hear voices ,see things not real,become delusional , have paranoid thinking and believed them as being real !

the issue is not “believe you or not”, but the unreal action is to using a words like " psychosis,hallucinations and chemical imbalance etc and so on to describe these feelings ( dashing intelligent existential features),because the content of these feelings indicate that you are diagnosis the existential feature of being real ( whatever who is he,where is he …etc),and you do not diagnosis any kind of disease symptoms at all !!
Hearing or seeing things (real/unreal) are not a characteristics of any biological disease,wherever you do not feel real symptoms of disease within your self ,and using words beside the point like "psychosis,hallucinations and chemical imbalance " to describe the heard and visual things>
you describe the behavior of being real - not behavior of symptoms disease !

Ok, if you doubt my diagnosis what do you think i have? This is a community for people diagnosed with sz or any similar disorder etc etc. I talked with @moderators about the fact that you’re just a writer but they seem not interested about you. So what is my illness/disease/diagnostic, if you’re such an expert? @panoramic20

Inside your specific psychological world,you are feel/ perceive /touch or diagnosis a living existential features of a being real .
In the case,if this occurs beside you feel your existential features of your self,this means that what you see,hear and touch are the living existential features of a real being ( but not you)
In the case,if this occurs while you are unable to feel the existential features of your self,this means that you have become another person and what you see,hear and touch is your self in a new look ( disease/illness/psychosis /hallucinations …etc)

In general,there are 2 probability:
1-You look your self in a new look ( this means,the voices you heard is the sound of your thoughts,imagine being in your mind upon request/temper…etc)
2-looking self of another person beside your self ( inside your psychological world)
The reality linking with the data of your personal perception