Met With My Psychiatrist Today

I met with my psychiatrist today, and I opened up more than I thought I could about the voices. He asked me a lot of strange questions and then he said next time we meet he wants me to see if the voices can talk to him. I thought that was strange, because they are in my head and not his. Except for maybe auditory ones… I am confused.
I am going to talk about it with my therapist, next week. Maybe she can help.

Strange question. When I was psychotic my voices responded on other people. They told me to do stuff depending on what other people say. They also answered other people but I did not say that out loud.

That’s a strange question for a psychiatrist. Maybe you should ask them the purpose of the exercise?

Well, the voices communicate to me. And they talk about other people, or tell me what I should do to or how to respond to other people. That is all. So this question he asked of me is confusing.

.........Good idea. :)

That does seem odd. Seems like a “in order to…” or “because I think…” should have followed. (Some sort of explanation.) When talking about voices I hear, a therapist I no longer see just looked right at me and said “you know they’re not real.” As if that was going to be life changing for me. He said some other ignorant things. Therapists and psychiatrists are only human, and it’s not a one size fits all situation. They can say/do stupid things, and keeping them in-check is important. I’m glad you also have a therapist to talk to.

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It sounds like he doesn’t really understand how your voices work. Share with him what you’ve shared here - and I think he’ll understand better.

I did, which is why I find it strange.
Oh well, I will figure it out with my therapist. I just wanted to see what people had to say on here.

my alien talks to me whilst i talk to my therapist… :woman:
it is a three way conversation some times… :anguished:
take care :alien:

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They talk to me while I am in session with him, too.
They contradict a lot of what he says. They also point out the errors in a lot of what he does.
They are bringing me to see the possibility that he is not even genuine at all. I mean I have never even met him in person, because we communicate through a webcam. It’s very frightening.

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fear…is a word…therefore fear is created by imagination…our imagination is a process our mind/brain uses to work things out… :ghost:
what is real are the 5 senses…sound… sight…touch… smell… taste. :smiley:
everything else is imagination.
your fear therefore is not real…it is imagined. :scream_cat:
take care :alien:

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