Met with my case manager today

We talked about my situation with my in laws. Especially my father in law calling me a fat ass yesterday. Then I got confused about what tools he was talking about and panicked. Getting confused is happening more and more.

My case manager said I’m just too nice of a person. Everyone sees me as weak and a whipped dog.

Did your case manager have suggestions on what to do about it?

She said to sign up for HUD. There’s a long waiting list in my county.

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It might help just knowing you’re on the waiting list. Eventually, your name will come up.

I think your in-laws are abusive and terrible people. You need to get out of there as soon as possible. Signing up for HUD is a good start. It may be a long wait, though. I am on a waiting list with the Regional Housing Authority here for an apartment. I hope you’re able to get out sooner than later.

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