Met up with my friend twice this week but I think I am going to have a day under the blanket today

I must have been stressed overnight because I had loads of nightmares and woke up feeling incredibly anxious. But after an hour of deep breathes when lying down plus a phone call from my nurse I am feeling more settled.

But I think I will just watch Netflix this afternoon.


I love cartoons, I was watching gumball and teen titans with my friend Laura and it was funny, Netflix has disenchantment which is the new Matt Groening series :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah my brother in law loved disenchantment!

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It is definitely a duvet day
Dark and wet outside


Hey @shellys12! Duvet day is the exact right phraseM how are you?

Iā€™m not so bad but have been getting voices and paranoia a bit lately so going to rest a bit

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@shellys12 I hope you feel better soon and I want to thank you for making a post asking how I was doing the other day. That was very kind of you :hugs:

You are welcome @anon35166066
We all stand together :blush:

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