Met my pensioner pal today


Is it a pod machine?


Thanks erez!! 15151515


yeah, its not good using pods bc its not recyclable but i couldn’t find one that did the brand of coffee that i like, its a costa latte :slight_smile: the coffee tastes great though :slight_smile:


Is that a tassimo?


yes it was £40 and £8 for 16 costa lattes :slight_smile:



Ah that explains it. Cool article fire.


Like American food sold in the UK UK food sold in the USA is expensive!


Have you ever mixed coke and ribena? It’s a bit like a cherry coke.


I’ve never tried coke and ribena. I hardly ever buy coke. I buy the store’s own brand fizzy pop. I also rarely buy ribena as it’s quite expensive, and doesn’t last long as it’s not double strength.


Yeah know what you mean - ribena is really expensive.


Cool that you got out today @anon20613941!

Pick up any new tunes lately? I’m having afternoon coffee. :v:


That’s really interesting! And I’m really tempted to buy that dessert topping. I bet it would be really good in homemade ice cream this summer!


Nice that you went out for a little @anon20613941! :slightly_smiling_face:


No new tunes really @Montezuma. Been listening to a fair bit of frank Zappa. Yourself?


I’ve never listened to Zappa, What’s he sound like?


Oh hard question! I have only heard his 60s and 70s stuff. His guitar style is pretty blues/rock but his songs can be pretty eclectic. A lot of his stuff is pretty humorous. He generally has a big band behind him. Really recommend him.

A good example of his style


I listened to a little. Not my thing.


Nice! Frank Zappa is fun :slight_smile:

Oh I got a Townes Van Zandt CD a little while ago. It’s pretty awesome/dark/60’s American country music.

It kinda reminds me of John Prine’s earlier albums. Lots of guitar finger-picking and lyrics about people living on the fringes of society.


Man I love Townes van zandt! Like have about a dozen of his albums! He is great and doesn’t get enough fame.

Man you have good taste in music!