Met an old friend for coffee

He drove all the way from Norman just to have coffee with me…he is worried about me and just wanted to see me, isn’t that nice? He is going to burn his brush soon and invited me up…I just don’t trust my car to make the trip but I did’t have the heart to tell him…I think he knew I coulnd’t. it’s just seeing him that has me charged up. good memories.


It’s nice to have good friends :slight_smile:


That’s great! I’m glad you had a good time!


Glad to hear you had a good time and it’s cool you had a friend who would take the time to visit @jukebox. Hope that you, your girlfriend and Roo-Roo are doing okay.


we are hopeful that any day now they will call Angie in for an interview…they are waiting to collect as many applications as possible.

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Sounds like you had a blast. There are people that I’ve known in my life which I wish to have a coffee with at the moment. Catching up is always fun.

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My best friend won’t even pay me a visit, I miss catching up with them. It’s been two years since we last hangout.

Glad to hear your friend came to see you @jukebox, good friends are the spice of life.
Hope you can go see him when the time comes, and may your car make it all the way there and back without incident.


thank you @Csummers I miss you…I wish my car would make it and I would come see you too !! take care dear friend.

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