Messed up ordering my refill...missed a dose last night

man, I hate missing a pill but last night I ran out and I forgot to order my refill until yesterday and the pharmacy was closed yesterday…get my first pill again in about an hour when I get the car back from Angie…it always throws me off a bit mentally when I miss a dose…hope it doesn’t get too bad.

Sorry, man. I hate the missed dose feeling. Good luck with the rest of today, I hope it smooths over quickly!


That sucks. We seriously need to overhaul our healthcare system as a whole. Many people can’t live without their meds, so why are pharmacies restricting meds instead of doctors? I see no reason that a struggling schizophrenic can’t go to a hospital to get medicated without having to stay several days even if the only reason they needed meds was because of some idiotic pharmaceutical policy.

Process and controls

Was that reply meant for me? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please explain?

When you design a system to perform a function it consists of two parts : process and controls. Process is how you accomplish the task, controls are what you do to minimize risk of getting an undesirable outcome.

The controls in the system are designed so that you can only get your meds if you’re supposed to get meds as the expense of getting you meds even if you need them

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