Message To An Old Insurance Company

When I worked as a VISTA volunteer a long time ago I actually had hope for a future. As a result of working for them I actually had insurance.that was not covered by the government. As a part of the rules I had to present that company’s insurance instead of the state’s. As a result I paid $30 as a co-pay for every doctor’s visit. During that time I developed plantar faciitis and was authorized for a sleep study. During the sleep study period the insurance company kept asking to have proof that the doctor had authorized the sleep study. So we had the doctor show those bastards the proof over and over again that it had happened. Ultimately they didn’t pay for it. Then I went to the foot clinic and pad the $30 a number of times. The insurance company didn’t pay any of it citing a pre-existing condition. So the insurance company didn’t pay for crap but received money from me that was hard to come by since i wasn’t being paid much as it was. I freely invite the administrators of that company to kiss my ass and I hope the laws that reverse pre-existing conditions from not being covered are never overturned. I hope you choked on the steak from the money I gave you when I was trying to win in life.

I love it! That’s great but I’m sorry for what you went through.