Message from Social Security


I got an email that Social Security sent me a message today. I figured it would be about my recent work review.

I logged in and checked it and it was just telling me about the 2.8 percent COLA raise for next year. It told me what my new payment would be and when I could expect it.

Anyone else get one?


yeah I got one in the mail today. I thought it was going to be about my Medicaid but it showed my raised. I’ll be up to $800/mo…….whooo!

I wish I got like 12-1600 though, 800 bucks, im going to have to go back to work. been putting it off, now I got school for a couple years. im hoping to work til im 50 and then get back on disability if I can. for the rest of my life.


I didn’t get mine yet. I currently get $735 I think. But like $150 goes to Medicare advantage. :frowning:


I don’t want to say exactly what I get because that could identify me but I get about $2400 a month approximately. I had a really good job up to the time I was about 42 and made good money.

If I can find a job that pays $45,000 a year or more I will go back to work but I am not going to go back to work for minimum wage. I make more than that on SSDI. I may work minimum wage part time to not go over the income limits so I don’t lose it.


I got a letter in the mail saying that they are raising my SSI - $14. They are also raising my food stamps as well.


I’ll also got that message. I feel lucky cuz the state pays my Medicare premium. I have to pay the $22 for meds a month but no big whoop.


I got a letter from Soc. Security too. It just talked about the 2.8% COLA raise that we will get come January 2019. That’s a very good thing.