Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope everybody has a great Christmas!!! :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:


Thanks Jake. Merry early Christmas.

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You as well. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

happy christmas Jake i hope you have a good one :birthday: :cookie: :doughnut:

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Merry Christmas Jake :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Merry Christmas to you too much love

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, my kids still believe in Santa they are 6 and 4 years old. The 6 year old is starting to ask questions.

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Merry christmas @velociraptor im ur secret santa
hope u like it :relaxed:



lol i remember when my brother told my sister santa wasnt real :laughing: such a heard breaking experience haha

:joy::joy::joy: lol … he will love this gift…

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LOL im think ill have to post one for each of the 24 days of christmas… velociraptors are hungy hungy

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