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🧜🏾🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


I just woke up earlier from a nightmare about dogs being hurt by people. I am not in a good mood this morning for the most part, so hopefully my day will go better since I took my updated dose this morning.


Got my Javascript and CSS certificates from sololearn. I’m working on the C++ one now. They’re mainly for fun. I am learning though.


I think a girl called me “dog shit” yesterday lmao)

Was kinda hot


I’m sitting next to my sleeping friend. He’s sick, and he’s got an unrelatef hospital visit tomorrow, so he needed someone to stay with him.
I’m happy to do it.

What I’m NOT happy about is the smell of used diapers from my clothes after two days of internship at the nursing home. Still 3 days to go.


(Oh look, my older brother seems to be feeling good and is talkative. My thoughts must be manifesting!)

…Never mind, he got his weed…That sums it up.


I want to sleep but I have to force myself to stay awake by moving around a lot.


I wonder if my Dad regrets how he raised me and my sister because we are pretty cold people and he is getting older and starting to be unable to take care of himself.


My friend’s neighbors keep making knocking sounds. We thought it was construction at first, but it’s been going on for weeks and we haven’t seen any handymen


There are things that go bump in the night…and we are the things that bump back.


met with my pdoc today. She told me i needed to shave and take more showers. Basically, “get your ■■■■ together”


Sun is finally high enough in the sky to start warming us up and melting the snow that were buried in, lots of ice and puddles everywhere.

I bought 2 books today, going to start reading again , I hope :stuck_out_tongue:


Yaaaay to the sun melting and getting books!

What books did you pick up @Mountainman?


I got,

Love’s Executioner - Irvin D. Yalom
educated - Tara Westover


Not till April, so I have to just put up with this ■■■■, till then.
This woman is treating me and my family like garbage.


My mind is on that old show:

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

Why? Because the gumshoes couldn’t keep her incarcerated for very long and who the heck hires children to lead the investigation?

Just feeling weird tonight I guess. :slight_smile:


The Irvin D. Yalom book sounds pretty fascinating!

I might order a copy for myself.

I’m reading reviews of it now.


Been on the phone all day, trying to get help to feed my pets. Sick and tired of dead ends, hold music and automated menus…
I’m so frustrated to right now, I just want to scream!


I had a busy day. I actually woke up around 1:30 pm today. But I could not sleep last night. I actually slept around 5 am.

It is 9:30 right now, I think I will stay for another hour then go to sleep.


I started reading it cause a online friend wants to discuss it, so will read that one first


Awesome. I ended up ordering a book on Norse mythology instead.

But I’ll definitely keep the one you recommended on my ‘to buy’ list!