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🧜🏾🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


My husband’s surgery went well,

He’s in bed resting.

Its going to be tough for a little bit with us both recovering, but I’m doing much better and feel like I can do most the household chores.

Oy vey, 2018 has been a weird year thus far.


Glad to hear please keep us updated. How is your pair of matching luggage treating you?


Still sore,

But getting better every day!


Good luck to you and your husband xo


I’m sorry that your hurting @sohare1981
Things will better for you.
I’m sure.

Hang in there.



What’s up guys? How’s it going?

I had a rough day for some reason. Intense intrusive thoughts I haven’t had for a while.
Maybe I was too stressed.

I had to work non-stop today till 2:00 pm then took my car and drove to the mall to return a foundation I bought. I noticed the difference in pricing was not very big between it cosmetics CC cream and Chanel CC cream and the Chanel is not of this world. So I went and bought Chanel CC cream. I paid a fortune for it but I will use this for special daytime occasions.

Yesterday I bought Chanel bronzer. I was searching for it for such a long time, the people who work for Chanel do not know their products. Maybe because the girl did not understand the word bronzer in English :unamused:

I am so tired right now.


I wish you well. Hope your husband will do well.


It seems my dad is responding very well to chemotherapy.


Hi @selene.

Nice to see ya online.

I was having some bad depression/and anxiety for the past few days. But today I am feeling much better. :slight_smile:

I start my classes next Monday!



yeah I understand. I had a rough day myself. It just fluctuates I guess.
We need to keep going.

What are you going to study?


Yeah I think it fluctuates for a lot of people.

I’m studying computer science :slight_smile: .


Good luck. Hope you enjoy your classes!



You look great in your pictures and the video was fantastic,

I really want that subscription now!


Lol yeah I love these beauty subscriptions because you get a lot for much less basically. And they use very popular products. :slight_smile:

@goldenrex you can use this link to get 10$ off your first beauty box so you pay 39.99


I like your accent, very charming! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @freakonaleash people seem to like it, I feel a little weird about it.
I don’t know what it sounds like. I always thought I had no accent.


I had some green tea and feeling a little better.

I am tired I guess after working too much. Last week was very busy, I did not have any time to clean the apartment, the whole week till Friday 4:00 pm

I will be home all day everyday till Friday this week. So tomorrow morning I’ll finish most pending work then I have to do a photoshoot for Instagram, then do some production work.

I checked my Instagram rate, so I can actually charge a business 60US$ for each post I make. I am anxious to get this moving by June.


I wanted to comment a day ago but did not get a chance.

I think following your gut is the best thing to do. Sometimes it happens, you like someone while others don’t.

I understand because I liked someone others would be repelled from for real. But I still like him. Not sure how healthy a relationship would be if I was actually in a relationship with him, it won’t happen anyway but I would’ve liked to try if I was single.

So if you like him, go for it. Remember to set boundaries, because, from your picture you are really petite, I don’t understand why a guy would want you to be skinnier. It feels a little controlling, so make sure you set red flags for yourself/boundaries so you can actually know what to do if something bad happens.


Just watched a video of a guy shoot himself…:face_vomiting:


Was that the politician who put a revolver to the roof of his mouth?