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🧜🏾🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


I’m having pizza tonight :pizza:


That looks like a great sandwich to be honest. Would not pass that up.


Getting back into the gym, again.
Yesterday, I had a white out panic attack, while the lady was discussing the membership and showing me around.
I felt better after 40 minutes on the elliptical and stretching, though.
Today I walked there and then realized I forgot my gym shoes, so I just walked and around for an hour and then went home. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little bit smarter.


Congrats on keeping at the gym! I believe you’ve posted this several times already? Very good at being consistent! Congrats to you!


That must have been a very long time ago, because I haven’t been to the gym in forever.
Unless you’re mixing me up with someone else.
I have been walking lots aging doing home workouts, but not the gym, in over a year at least.


I had pizza yesterday!

Enjoy your pizza @schizomaticly. :slight_smile: :v:


Well congrats on getting to the gym anyway!

Any gym time is good gym time!


Thank you!
I had ice cream yesterday :joy:
So much for my diet.
At least I biked today.



Yeah I have gained quite a bit of weight myself recently.

When the weather gets better I’m going to try and get out and walk more.

Good luck on your goals!


Ate alot of food today as well, weighing in at kinda fatter, gotta curb that buddy.


At least it didn’t hurt @ZombiePupper, I’ve had plenty of very, very bad tooth pain before I finally couldn’t stand it and found a dentist that did sedation. Best way to deal with dentist, be out could completely. :wink: It’s weird that they fell out. Have you had any mouth problems? Are you on any new medications? Sometimes people can have weird personal reactions to medications…one time I was put on a new drug and it constantly gave me the hiccups…I had to switch to a milder form of the drug. Nothing in the drug’s “possible symptoms” mentioned hiccups either, confused my doctor. Nothing is more encouraging then going to the doctor and them not knowing why something happened…[sarcasm]


I don’t get aches from my cavities, so I wasn’t entirely surprised that pieces fell off. I’ve been obsessively picking at them too much as it is.


yeah that’s not really good. Aside from brushing, and mouth wash I don’t do much with my mouth…I’ve done flossing but I have very sensitive teeth and too much aggravation bothers them…


I compulsively pick at every part of my body that I find problematic. :frowning:


I’ve been having a weird day since the moment I woke up.

Finally I pulled it together, took some medicine and a shower,

I feel much better and am hopeful tomorrow will be better.


I’m sorry your day was weird @goldenrex

I’ve been feeling really depressed/doomed the past few days.

I’m unsure how much of it is a delusion or authentic emotions.

Anyways may we have much happier days ahead!



How has your recovery from surgery been going? Do you still feel pain/soreness? Do you take anything for it?


Idk if I should go back to taking thyroid meds daily. Today I slept till 4 pm and woke up still tired. Dr. says to keep taking daily. Might try that again. Tomorrow is my first day of work… Have to print out the IEP and data sheets for the kiddo. Also prepared some cupcake stamps and chips. I better go back to daily thyroid meds or risk falling asleep in class… You know what, I will have a beer to calm down.


Yep, my roommate hates me. She wants me out and she very indirectly kicked my mom out, and doesn’t want her staying over, anymore.
I’m not surprised, since this happens every time.
I’m ■■■■■■, my family is ■■■■■■, and it seems no one can handle us, and we don’t belong anywhere.
My roommate won’t even talk to me, she even tries not to look at me.


Starting my one week observational internship today! Thought I’d have less time to get there than I did, so I got there way too early, haha :sweat_smile: