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🧜🏾🦖 Lucky 13 - Say Anything :one::three:


This is shaping up to be a rough night.


Are you ok @Tomasina ?? Is there anyway I can help?


Great to hear from you @Noise! How are you feeling these days?

Thank you for asking after me. That helps a lot!

I’m eating a high protein snack and it’s calming my nerves well.

I hope we can get some peace and feel better soon.


My sister and my cousin saved my ass money-wise yet again.
I feel bad for taking money from them, but at the same time, it makes me feel loved that they’re willing to help me.
(disclaimer: I’m not asking them for money to feel loved, that’s not what I’m saying)

My cousin is also giving me a ride to the family gathering in the beginning of next month, and I’m super psyched.
Once every 18 months, my dad’s side of the family (25-30 people) rent a location and have a 3-4 day long gathering. We have our own song that we sing, we have activities planned each day, but there’s also lots of time to just relax and spend time with each other.
We share the costs for the rent and the food, and on the last day, we “auction” the remaining food. The more well-doing family members seem to have an unspoken rule that they let those of us with little money have a go first, since the food is cheaper at the auction than in the stores.

I’m really looking forward to it, because I don’t get to see most of my family very often. I’m sure it’ll be a little draining, but I’ll bring extra meds. Shouldn’t be a problem.


I got to get back on the diet wagon.


If you’re repeatedly cheating on your current bf it seems you’ve already made up your mind about him and are just not wanting to go through the difficult stage of leaving him for good.


that was an error


The kindergarten thinkers are getting on my nerves. They want everyone easily identifiable, so they can recognize everyone, and do illegal things to accomplish that. Its not anyone’s fault they are so stupid. They think everyone should be like them, are so phony and superficial. No one would be driving a car, if people were supposed to be like them. They need to leave people alone.


I saw today in a pharmacy on a poster about hiring people which said: “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, We’ll teach you” and i burst into a laugh :laughing:


Please don’t do a 5 day fasting!!! Skip dinner or just have a salad for dinner


Yeah don’t do that. Fasting for too long will only hurt your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight. Especially for 5 days. You might not make it out.

Stick with what you are doing now. That is the best way to keep everything consistent. If something goes wrong, having changed things makes it harder to know what went wrong. So just keep with your diet, and your walking. You will get there. Rome was not built in a day. What you are doing now is working.


“Trouble is a traveler that never planned on being homeless.”


Whoop, got banned for promoting drugs, when I did no such thing. :+1:
Always something, with this site.


I had a post flagged for something dumb and when I asked szadmin how to edit the post he told me not to promote drugs or alcohol. That was his entire response. My post has absolutely nothing to do with either.


I don’t want to stick my nose where it shouldn’t be, but I think part of the problem is that a lot of people tell themselves they’re using it medicinally when they’re really just fighting withdrawal or making things worse for themselves, and they don’t want people to encourage that kind of thinking.


So you’re saying it was more about what others think and not necessarily what @Goodnight_Moon thinks


Yes, definitely true. Unless you have an actual prescription and are being monitored, it’s not medicinal. Self-medicating doesn’t count.
I just don’t understand why they’re so strict about it on here. If a person is going to self-medicate with illeagal street drugs, then I don’t know how much people on here can really do about that.
I dont see how a topic discussing it’s use properly is going to be that triggering, but maybe it’s just me. I feel like the only problems they should have is if you are literally promoting and telling people to use it.
Oh well, I don’t want to disect this any more, and risk another ban. Haha.


I think it’s also because the weed discussion often turns into a political discussions, which is not allowed, and also often makes people go at each other’s throats for having different opinions.


Haha, that’s so true. Humans are so funny…
We turn anything into a political argument. Especially in 2018.
There’s a reason I never pay attention to politics. Lol
I didn’t even know or pay attention to who our active prime minister was, until Stephen Harper. I just don’t care, anymore. Haha


i jus did something crazy, i woke up really early today so i went back to sleep and while i was sleep i went into sleep paralysis and i was aware so i had one of my eyes open and one closed and i could see my other eye and the side of my face from a weird angle, it was weird i didnt even really think of it but when i did it it was cool