Menu for tonite!

So ma is in hospital again…hoping it’s just an infection and not related to the melanoma but it’s still serious anything she gets now. Anyways Dad’s been a trooper and we’re getting things done around the house. Mum is a bit of perfectionist so it’s all just boys effort…I’d imagine she’ll be picky when she gets out tomorrow, fingers crossed.

I’m the chef for the last couple of days so tonite I’m busting out…pork medallions with roast potato and veggies for me…salad for dad. He’s such a boring food person. I swear you could feed him on chips and salad and steak forever if he had his way!

Tonight we dine!


Sounds good @rogueone!


How did that fantasy novel you were reading turn out? You said it already wasn’t that great.


Finished the Sanderson second one in series of Mistborn novels. Not the best I’ve read by far. I think it’s a lot of plop and not that revolutionary. I’d give it 4 out of 10.

Thanks @anon84763962 . … No complaints…not bad to please dad he’s such a fussy eater! Not a bad thing cooking up bacon and eggs in the morning! Can’t mess up that shite! haha.


Sounds good i hope your food turns out to be a hit

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