Mentally isolated (a poem)

I was born normal
This world made who I am
Do I deserve to be always suffering?
For a sin I never commit?
Am a mentally ill, but my heart is healthy
So is my love, but I was put in Oblivion
I grow up tired of incessant fights in my family
Trying to move forward while it seems there’s no hope.
Now my future is dark, my dreams are over
My medication and my loneliness, my lovers
I would like to live in a world with compassion
Because for wars and selfishness there’s no reason.
I want to live because I deserve it, I want to meet people, to smile, to feel.


Does Argentina not have social programs that can help you live on your own? So you don’t have to live with your mom?

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Well my country have these things, but if I accept them I will never have a normal life again, if I accept the disability help I could never find a normal job

Would you be calling yourself a slacker if you accepted disability? I don’t think it’s good to be negative about the help.

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Thats a nice poem , alan,.

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