Mentally ill person are sick

What to do if you are mentally ill

Well, I just had a nice breakfast if that helps.


mmmmm. don know…what you like doing?
i like to sit on the balcony dressd like a chicken and sing like a wolf to the wigthe street lamps


You only have to worry if they start singing back like sea lions in a phony french accent.


you got me! especially that i don’t like French that much. dos eating pizza whil the sea lions singing is more crazy? or more sain

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I guess the answer depends on a few things like our tastes, our goals, our personal limitations, etc.

Are there things you really like doing?

why do I take 9 pills a day?

Impress everybody by slow dancing to the tune of “Stairway to Heaven”.

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IDK. Personally, I pull a muscle in my arm every time I try to sing.

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Keep calm and just do it! :muscle:


so stop beeng a sea lion

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I’ve been told I play a mean air-guitar. You should practice playing air-drums, and we can start a band for mentally ill people :smile:

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Do your best every day.


Have nice people around, see a doctor, be safe, eat healthy

I spoil myself in any way I can think up. After what we’ve been through, we deserve it.

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