Mentally ill people pay higher bills – and banks are partly to blame

On the flip side, we have customers who are obviously not mentally stable. They are absolute nightmares and are expensive to service. We’d be money ahead if they went elsewhere.

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Yes, you are right, @velociraptor. I have a sza friend, (who I think is more bipolar than anything else), who has a very, very severe spending problem. She cannot hang on to her money for the life of her. If she has two pennies to rub together, she will spend a dollar. Nothing that is for sale escapes her attention and pocketbook. I am at my wits end with her. (Thankfully for me, I’ve never given her a penny).

mostly, been down the road of runends with a gal that has banking unease. she can’t hold on and thinks that ok to do. me i hate it that standers are too high to get loans.

We have a system here in Denmark where if you can’t pay your bills, you’re put in a registry for five years called RKI, and if you’re in that registry you can’t take loans or buy things with the downpayment option or on credit.
It’s a pretty efficient way of stopping people from spending money they don’t have.


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