Mentally Ill Man Dies Hooded and Strapped to Chair While Prison Staff Make Jokes

June 21, 2014

COLORADO: A mentally ill prison inmate has died in custody, hooded and strapped to a chair, following a seizure – while guards are caught on tape stood around joking, and failing to attend to his medical needs.

According to the lawsuit filed by the family, at least 16 state prison staff members did nothing to help Christopher Lopez, 35, as he suffered seizures and died after being restrained in a chair, as documented in the video provided to 9News.

Lopez, who suffered from bipolar schizoaffective disorder, had just been released from nine-and-a-half months in solitary confinement when he was discovered lying on the floor in his cell barely conscious. Instead of calling for medical assistance, the guards are alleged to have put Lopez in chains and placed a ‘spit hood’ over his head before strapping him into a chair.

In the video, while trapped in the hood and chair, Lopez can be seen having one or two grand mal seizures before slumping over. It is not clear if any staff saw the seizures as the video camera filming him appeared to be unmanned.

Eventually prison staff remove Lopez from the chair, and place him on his side on the ground, with one officer saying,

”Holler if anything changes,” and another replying, “Like, if he stops breathing?”

As the hours pass, where vital medical intervention might have saved Lopez’ life, instead clueless prison staff orbit his unconscious body – aiming jokes, cusses and insults at the prostrate and dying man.

hey, I suffered from that same diagnosis code, only I have Myasthesia Gravis and failed to take my thryoid pills once too. this is really sick.

Sometimes I think that the treatment of mentally ill people in America is totally messed up. This would never happen in Finland.

Sometimes I am very glad I left America as I did. These news make me angry, sad and mad.


This is sickening and I hope his family sues.

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oh god,this is so awful…

This type of thing happens a lot I’m sure, the camera just caught it this time…same with the homeless…


And they wonder why we do similar things to our enemies.

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these pricks in the psych wards are mean freaks too , not just prisons. these attendents have high school diplomas and attend a cna class for a few hours and then sit and watch you all night, gives me the skull ■■■■■■■ creeps.

i’ve had them sit on me and give me a shot because I said no, i’m not swallowing the ■■■■■■■ pill, i’m terrified of those freaks…I know I have a thyroid problem, and I knew I had another disease ontop of it, which they could give a ■■■■ about. What a nightmare ride this has been for me. I pray very hard that the ■■■■■■■ idiot knows whats in the syringe at 2am in the morning.

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Nursing homes do the same thing. Now mental hospitals are closing and staff is not trained for mentally ill. Staff will not answer them when they ask questions. I get angry when people will not answer them. Mentally ill end up in prisons nursinghomes and homeless. People who are well should fight for them. My residents at the nursinghome love me but some staff hate me when I speak up for my never know if it will be you or your family member. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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I used to be a caregiver and there was an elderly gentleman who refused to eat and one of my co-workers wanted to tie his hands to the chair and force feed him. She said she had done that before. YIKES!!!

Who wants to be force fed. When people ask you a question you can answer. One time a lady said she felt awful no one would call a doctor. I insisted the nurse call the doctor. She said she always complains.she was dead before the end of the day. What if she had not have called the doctor.

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This reminds me of police brutality.

Shawn O’Sullivan, a Canadian boxer suffered from boxer’s dementia, commonly known as “punch drunk” syndrome. Cops perceived him as being a drunk and in turn ended up beating him up.

And then there is the case of cops beating up a deaf man, Pearl Pearson, for not responding to verbal commands. I’m surprised the cops did not kill him due to him being deaf and all. Apparently cops think being deaf means that you are a threat to society. Pearl’s own son is a police officer, as was his son-in-law, who is now a deputy sheriff.

I also recently watched some crash videos and in one you see cops chasing a guy driving a white truck. He ended up crashing the truck. It was a nasty crash and as a result of this the driver was tossed out of the truck and ended up face down in a ditch at the side of the road. It looked like his odds of still being alive were slim.

Anyhow, seconds later about 5 cops come into the scene and start beating the life out of his motionless body, and did so with whatever they could get their hands on.

Earth, nothing but a nightmare really. Always was.

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