Mental Trick

I have found a trick to help eliminate the confusion in my mind. I think about what Socrates said. “All I know is that I don’t know”. Once I accept this as fact it brings a clarity to my mind.

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I have this thinking, once I have realized I know something I realize I do not know 90% of things after all. I like what Socrates said.

I like also that Pareto principle 20% you know and 80% you do not know, basically you live in the jungle. Just my thoughts.

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To know everything would take all the mystery and wonder out of life.
I’d just as soon only know enough to make life a bit easier and leave some room for discovering and learning.

You are right - “All I know is that I don’t know.” is basic Funda of life. All thoughts and view that I wrote in this forum and all around. I certainly denie to that, if someone ask me in other reference about it. Because I have to live life also.

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