Mental power

Did you perceive yourself free of other people stupidity and mental weaknesses before your illness?

Sorry no, can’t say I did. I perceived kidnappers people wanting to harm me.

No. And I knew little of my own.

Yes. I was headstrong and set my own goals and achieved them when I was a teenager. I was remarkably adaptive and did well at whatever I set my mind to, be it sports, social interactions, school, just not dating, it took trial and error to learn how to handle girls. But I was very close friends with guys. Now I admit that I am bisexual, back then I would say things like “no homo” when I got in deep emotional conversations with my guys friends. umm ■■■■ that, yes homo

I was like you, having so strong mind that had seen no other like myself and that turned to my curse cause I privileged myself to do things that probably no one else dare to do and it caused my illness starting, I have had sex with guys but without any pleasure, honestly sometimes it felt like doing sport, just trying to discover how it felt like, don’t be upset of yourself there are so many bisexual men and many homo’s out there and everyman have tried it at least once, I like having sex with guys mentally more than girls cause I can be more intimate with them but fortunately or unfortunately I don’t like it’s taste when I really doing that.

No. I was on of those fools who think MI can be helped, just put mind over matter. I was angry at the mentally ill. Man, was I wrong.

I myself feel free at last. I was always trying to keep my thoughts straight (heterosexual) but screw it I give up and I feel happier. I still feel attracted towards girls too but I just ended a friendship with benefits with a girl (ie. lots of casual sex) and I dated a few girls last semester and I have gotten tired of girls for now. I honestly have a crush on a guy. It just feels good! My friends all support my decision and half of them thought I was unconsciously bisexual all along, actually, they said that on facebook. One of my friends also mentioned that no one will give me ■■■■ for having boyfriends because I have a couple belts in Krav Maga and am an amateur powerlifter, I go to a powerlifting/strongman competitor gym and am among the most masculine men in the city

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That makes me happy to hear it. :thumbsup:

I’m glad you’re not tearing yourself up over this and you’ve found some support from friends. Good for you. It’s a big step coming to terms with this. I’ve met some guys who are still chastising them selves for where their heart points and they are making themselves very ill over it. Let it be… go and accept yourself.

I am NOT a macho or masculine guy at all. I’m just a surfer. As far as being Bi… I really haven’t been lucid or self aware enough to figure this out about myself yet. What ever answer comes when I decided to figure myself out… then that is the answer that comes. Nothing in my life will change if I’m bi or straight.

I am happy for you… Rise and breathe the free air.