Mental illness

All mental illness is mental.
By its very definition.

Yes. But it’s still happening within a body, so it’s physical?

To say something is “mental” makes it seem like it’s just in someone’s head and that the solution is also in someone’s “head” imo.

The choice is medical or mental

When physical ills get intense, they cause mental ills.

How are pills helping if its only mental lol?

My thoughts exactly

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I’ve heard people say everything is all in your head but that’s not true! I was psychotic once and I thought if I got naked and went to the garage naked My dad would disappear and I’d magically be in some heavenly wonderland! But my dad was still there and politely told me to put some clothes on and then he drove me to the hospital. Mental illness has to do with chemicals in the brain and wishing it away or thinking strongly will not change the chemicals in your brain.

All physical illness is physical. All car problems are a hassle.

Electricity is the cleverest thing in the universe. It is that that does our thinking.

Aetiology: euchronomy.

We are anatomical integrated circuits

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Muscle relaxants

The devil came from the #

Are the voices real?

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Concerning the #

Only 7% of communication is words.

Do you guys in the IRA talk to each other in your minds to communicate?

If you are not willing to learn, nobody can help you. If you are willing to learn nobody can stop you.