Mental Illness Programs Shouldn't Force Abstinence On Smokers

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The Australian Government has the highest taxes on cigarettes. Very graphical images for anti-smoking on the packets as well as extremely ugly plain packaging. They know the smokers that are mentally ill are the ones struggling the most in OZ but still the taxes etc continue. Myself, I’m caught in caught in a rock and a hard place. I can’t afford to smoke but most of my mental health team say it’s the wrong time for me to quit.

Patches are subsidised by the government so only costs a few dollars on medicare. The hospitals here do have patches and nicotine inhalers for free if a in-patient. Which I’ve never been denied. But most patients here will go to extraordinary length to avoid. 1 talking to staff about having one of the two. And 2. Using the patches and/or the inhaler. It’s also illegal to smoke on hospital grounds except on the physic wards smoking sections here. A very weird way of doing things here in OZ lol.