Mental illness not to blame for gun violence study finds


Let me guess, 100% of gun violence offenders had access to firearms


Guns are inanimate objects; they can’t perform verbs. Guns must be acted on by a human three times before they can even be dangerous. So a gun can’t be a problem on its own.

Mental health problems in and of themselves don’t lead to violence, generally or with guns.

It’s a cultural and emotional maturity issue. Look at the guy who recently shot up a gaming convention in Jacksonville, FL, because he lost a video game. The system and his parents failed him. He should have been taught from birth that you don’t always get to win. Adults know this. They shrug it off and go on. Children have tantrums. They should learn that tantrums have adverse consequences before they are out of diapers.

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Guns don’t kill people, bullets do

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I thought it was Guns don’t kill people rappers do?

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"Taking all this information together, limiting access to guns, regardless of any other mental health status, demographics or prior mental health treatments, is the key to reducing gun violence," Temple said.

Is it just me, or does the conclusion drawn by this study seem sort of self-evident? :thinking:

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Mental health is the first thing they talk about after shootings. They generally go right to that. As if every murderer is mentally ill.

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Yes, that’s what I’m saying. I don’t understand the whole ”guns don’t kill people. People kill people” argument. Yes, people kill people… WITH GUNS!


there aint no smoke without fire.

lethal weapons are terms i’d associate with firearms.

and having a mental illness, you are probably more likely to harm yourself than anybody else god forbid, its tragic.

The only gun violence associated with the mentally ill is suicide

the improper gun behavior starts at a young age, the usefulness of a gun too. these to things lead up to violence. one of me friends found clear a gun why loaded is harmful another lending out guns is not a good thing to do. and yes miss use of a gun can end you up in a world of trouble, i lost hafe my hearing in a gun accident with a old gun from the 1800’s when the chamber exploded from age. gun’s are toys in some peoples eyes. when in fact they are tools use to do damage to other things. so if you have one keep it clean up to date and most of all lockup when not in use. thank you for your time. Dr Zen

Doh moment.

Gun restriction works. Still dumbasses who use our website who are pro guns. I know sporting shooters…single shot target rifles or military old stuff is cool. Most cops have better firepower.

Assault rifles and machine guns not cool. Only designed to kill people.

If you are dumb enough to use the argument that we need to have guns to protect ourselves from the government sadly democracy isn’t your cup of tea. Please move to somewhere different!

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I mean from last post that all health problems are on me
Sadness is better for me
I actually sufferd from all this disease I don’t mean I am great but I don’t want to suffer from disease
I shouldn’t had written that if I watch girls I am gay it’s all delusions from outside where I live

Mate. I’ve been there and it’s not a problem but a lot round here it is a problem.

If your delusional it is a problem. If you hallucinate it is a problem. If you lose function and aren’t like everyone else it is a problem.

I realize it’s cultural but you need to fight like you can for better function. Meds help. If you can afford them then that is most cool too.

What’s the issue here? Are you on medication?

I take 7 medicines in 1 day like 2 times

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It’s a start. You seem to struggle with some thoughts…what is your primary concern?

I’m just an internet dude. I’m not a therapist and don’t want to be but you seem to have some issues going on. Do you see a therapist? No slight if you don’t . I don’t either but I pretty well keep things on an even keel!

What’s up?

How about the fact that guns stop violence. I’m too lazy to look up the stats but it’s real and doesn’t get reported in the news

I wouldn’t own a handgun cause I think they can be dangerous in the wrong situation but I used to own a shotgun, that was fun, and a big 22 caliber BB gun

@Moonwalker I have a good friend with an ex military 303. I don’t have a problem with that.

Having assault rifles available for the populace is just dumb politic. Taking the guns back worked for us. We held a record for a short time then it passed to the states.

I don’t care about sporting shooters or those who deal with pests out here. They shoot a lot of Roos and pigs out in the bush. That isn’t the issue. It’s killing people which is the issue!

I think we can agree that bump stocks are a bad idea. But I’m not sure what the difference is between an assault rifle and a normal rifle considering there are magazine capacity limits besides looks

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