Mental illness kills

Deppresion and inactivity caused by mental illness takes a pretty big toll on the body. It’s almost like the brain is slowly but surely heading towards its own death by becoming sick. So cruel.


All mental Illness are freaking Same …!!! Sz Kills u on daily Basis …!!

Hi manonmoon Do u work…??? DO u have a decent job …???

Work some time is Ez to Pass time…!!!
I don’t have motivation to work… I can only Volunteer if they support me A lot …Cuz i lack motivation good reasoning pro-activeness confidence will power .socialization…!!!

Hey far cry buddy…i used to have a awesome life…worked drove was happy…then mental illness hit now with all the drugs I’m just numb everyday and hallucinate. Hope things are ok with you buddy.


Sz iz like death no one can escape it…!!! Doesn’t matter how stronger or rich u are u might be the victim of Sz…!!! I have lot of anger with SZ…!!! If it was a person i would have killed it…!! Yes if i remember my bygone days my childhood and self esteem was pretty poor … I couldn’t get out of it>>!! I am sure to suffer Sz cuz i had alot of depression and anxiety …MY father had a SZ never he confessed about it …!!! He never motivated me never talked to me…!! It was already a lot for SZ…!!!
I regret a lot from the past …!!! MY first psychotic break went unnoticed …!!! I couldn’t reach to my pdoc at time …!!! I could never reach for others help…!! I hung myself up in a rope of Sz…!!!
Still have a lot of negative symptoms …!!! Never heard voice or hallucinated …!! Sz for life …!!

My psychotic break came quickly and swiftly to mate yes schizophrenia is evil I never knew I’d be sick months ago…but was loosing touch with reality.

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I thought I would get the pills and be back to normal. It doesn’t work like that. I am not psychotic but I am still delusional. I wish I could be normal. No delusions with plenty of energy and motivation. MI has taken a lot from me. So has poverty, which is equally evil. I am so f**king tired of being G*d damn poor. sheesh.

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When I was normal my psychotic break started showing up as insomnia and massive delusions thought the world was ending and all this sort of stuff then started breaking down was screaming in a hospital…on high doses of seroquil…im a zombie and sleep and snooze way to much.

Yes manonmoon some get recover most remains the same like me Ha …!!! So cruel world …!!!
I am trying for recovering nothing working for me ryte now …!!! Negative symptoms are hard to get treated …!! BTW My positive symptoms are pretty manageable …!! I am even trying different drug that suits me…!!!

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Nice far cry you’re a nice kid man.

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MY sister is a Australian Citizen …!!! I love Australian national cricket team …!!! When i was kid i always wished to travel US and Australia for my higher Education …!!! SZ came into my life and took everything away …!!! Can’t even work or study …!!! I like u BTW U are Australian right …!!

Yeah Australian far cry…yeah it’s taken everything from me to man it’s evil and horrible.

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it’s affect and made the death of soul cause it’s so hard to come back to the reality when we are in darkness by it take a long time or eternity

Sz has taken a lot from me but it has also given things to me too. For one it has increased my understanding of why the world is the way it is and why people desire the things they do.

Sz has given me a lot to ponder but has taken away my ability to have a full time job in order to pay a 30 year mortgage just so I can have a place to put my financed car.

Trust me, our realities may be pretty difficult but being healthy and having liabilities is pretty stressful too although likely more enjoyable.

I think we with SZ feel bad for ourselves which in effect has a detrimental effect on our idea of ourselves, our identity if you will. Get past the things that are bringing you down and start focusing on what you have and what you can do with it. For someone like me who desires to not do much this disease isn’t necessarily a curse and actually a reason why my life is as easy as it is. Sure I want more but realizing it isn’t feasible is a big step in moving on.

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I don’t have sz but I think I have sza. I am constantly amazed at how horrible this illness really is. Losing touch with reality is the most cruel and unusual punishment that a human being can endure.
It is a real disadvantage having a psychotic illness.
Some are worse than others but I have never been the same since my first psychotic break and I’ve had about 8 of them now. My life was over before it started at the age of 24. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m ruined, my best hope is to stay out of the hospital. My whole life was a myth and all of my education and experiences were for naught.

My illness is at 21 mate so you’re pretty lucky for 2 more years on me.

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Drugs are what caused me to become sick. Drugs and stress. I was pretty normal before it got it too. Social, popular, smart. The last three years were a living hell though, in and out of drug rehabs. Finally my mind had enough and called it quits.
They have to find a better solution to this. It’s true what you say. The inactivity from the depression and the sedation from the meds is murder. My physical health is failing from a disease that originates in my mind. I’m only 39 and I thought I was having a heart attack the other day. I used to be athletic and fit now I can’t leave the house.
This ■■■■ sucks man. I’m not sure what we are supposed to do with ourselves

Yeah man I’m emotionally numb to…i used enjoy everyday of my life…but I slowly grew delusions and derealization to the point of a psychotic break…no drugs was just all me. Now yeah my physical is degrading I used to be a happy fit guy loved every second of it…now I’m mentaly ill.

I wish you well man. Peace and strength.
Maybe some day soon they will have a breakthrough and give us our lives back. Until Then we can only hang on and enjoy what we’ve got

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My psychotic stage I thought germs were eating my eyes…that people were contaminated I’d stand back from people…thought the world was going to end started collecting water thought the neighbours would try to steal it. Went crazy