Mental illness genetically linked to drug use and misuse

There are many reports of drug use leading to mental health problems, and we all know of someone having a few too many drinks to cope with a bad day. Many people who are diagnosed with a mental health disorder indulge in drugs, and vice versa. As severity of both increase, problems arise and they become more difficult to treat. But why substance involvement and psychiatric disorders often co-occur is not well understood.

In addition to environmental factors, such as stress and social relationships, a person’s genetic make-up can also contribute to their vulnerability to drug use and misuse as well as mental health problems. So could genetic risk for mental illness be linked to a person’s liability to use drugs?

This question has been addressed in a new study, published in the open-access journal Frontiers in genetics

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I don’t think so. I don’t drink or do drugs (that aren’t subscribed). Never have. I was 16 when I was diagnosed, I was told not to drink with my medication so I never have. However I was born 2 months premature in a small town with little health-care knowledge back in the 80’s…I don’t think my brain fully developed when I was born. I also had a bad bike accident when I was a kid where I flipped over the handrails and landed headfirst on a concrete sidewalk…no I wasn’t wearing a helmet…again a kid in the 80’s…

It was drugs what triggered my psychosis, it brought out my genetic vulnerability.

I was dx at age 32 and had no history or desire to use any drugs nor drink.

Can you elaborate on how you discovered this? I used drugs as a teenager to keep my weight down for modeling & my pdoc knows this, but never linked the two together. Now I’m really interested to learn more

what came first, the drug use or the sz?

Seems not everyone gets it.


Marijuana caused my first psychosis which was very mild, then a year later the otc antidepressant St. Johns Wort caused my major psychosis for which I was hospitalized.

U don’t know for sure that weed caused it, i’m not saying it’s not possible, just u can’t know for sure that it wouldn’t have happened without weed. I also highly doubt st. Johns wort was responsible for relapse.

“Everybody gets high sometimes ya know
What else can we do when we’re feeling low”
-the great Biebs

if you read abt st johns wort it is known to cause psychosis and mania in ppl with sz and bipolar disorderd. as i was taking it it made me extremely psychotic.

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I had a psychotic episode once from cordiceps. Its a mushroom supplement used by runners to increase endurance. If you’ve got the gene, there’s literally no escaping it.

I wonder if you had the underlying illness & the drug use just brought it out for you. I never had trouble as a teenager when I used drugs. It was he opposite actually. I would lose control when I was sober. My pdoc & therapist said the street drugs were my way of coping. Sad either way