Mental illness can suck my %@#@! poll

as there are member who thought my post was inappropriate i have had to change the whole post.

all i want to say to people diagnosed with schiz is to remain defiant against it, i dont mean dont take meds because meds can really help and i dont mean deal with it yourself because talking about it can really help, keep going to see you doctor, i just mean try and not let it control you, keep yourself distracted from all of those negative thoughts and symptoms.

I don’t really have an ass or a banger, so I went with the obvious. Hope it all works out in the end.

Daydreamer. Settle down there are females present. :blush:


I agree. Mental illness is bad beyond words.

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skullfuck schizophrenia


I probably wouldn’t even be able to get off if mental illness gave me head. Thats how much it sucks no pun intended. Probably try to use teeth too


I can get mad… or I can keep going.

I’d rather keep going.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. :v:

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I’m beating mental illness. I haven’t suffered in a week or two. I still lack motivation and have irrational thoughts, but this is a far cry compared to what I was like.

Do you think that to be because of the vitamins, Astefano?

Partly. I mean I don’t know if it’s pregnenolone or l theanine but my intense derealization is 90-95% gone. It caused me so much suffering. I unfortunately have to quit pregnenolone because it’s causing chest pain. I also don’t like the feeling of being overstimulated. I hope my derealization doesn’t return. L theanine calms me down. It’s an almost tranquil feeling.

What is up with the profanity … Geesh … there are young ones among us

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OK, I GUESS, i kind of forget that this problem can affect a younger generation as well, i always kind of assumed that this site was full of adults but i guess i could be wrong,

i was basically just trying to be defiant against mental illness, nobody likes mental illness and this was my way of expressing how much i want to overcome.

i could have put it in other ways but if you can think of a better way of sticking two fingers up at it then let me know.


My answer to it was way over the top and I apologize. The question just got me really fired up about the whole situation of MI and my frontal lobe kind of said whatever for a second. I’ve been through a lot and I would love to see MI vanish like a Houdini trick but again sorry for the outburst if I went too over the top…I was a very impulsive 12 yr old.

are you 12? i always thought this was an adult site

No I’m 20. I was just saying a statement about the past. I’ve done very stupid things through my impulsiveness however, which is connected to the frontal lobe which yadyadyada might have something to do with my development of MI now. And maybe had something to do with past suicide attempts. Can a 12 year old run their own car into a tree on purpose I think not.

i just want to ask @SzAdmin what is an appropriate age to come on this site and read its content? and are there many children diagnosed with sz in our society?

if this is an adult website would you expect to find some profanity? in my opinion sometimes there are only certain words that can adequately describe how we feel about schizophrenia, some times it takes strong words to make a strong statement

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Whats up with the poll on the topic but theres no poll to vote on? :smile:

@daydreamer I was really half joking, didnt mean to stir the pot for you.

But just to let you know, your post title will get edited by the moderators if you dont change it yourself.

Yes, I think the words chosen are inappropriate and should be changed. There are young people here and women.

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