Mental illness and substance use: genes show a two-way street | Psyche Ideas


So it is true that smoking cigarettes alone can trigger mental illness…

As is true for cannabis too…

@everhopeful You might find this interesting!

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It depends on your genes. Some people do fine others don’t.

Your immune system is as unique as a fingerprint, I read. So what works for me might not quite work for you

They say nothing about caffeine and how that can cause issues for mental health. I know because I feel better caffeine free.

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I have posted before about how caffeine increases dopamine indirectly in the brain.

This interferes with anti-dopamine APs.

But like telling a smoker it is bad for you, it is the same for perpetual coffee addicts.

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I agree, but I do enjoy a cigarette and makes me happy, whereas coffee always used to bring me down and tired.

I think listening to your body is key

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Let’s face it, a lot of people cannot help themselves.

Addiction is strong and there are many reasons for it starting, and its continuance and the inability to stop.

There will always be some reason or other.

It’s your life! good luck with it.

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i dont think cigarettes cause mental illness, i think those with mental illness are more attracted to smoking cigarettes

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