Mental hospital?

is it

    • good
    • bad
    • may be good
    • may be bad
    • it is necessary sometime
    • i wish if there is no such thing
    • i love it!!!

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btw i cant sleep so i asked this question

Its necessary sometimes.


Necessary sometimes. Not my first choice but sometimes the best choice. If I hadn’t said ok I’ll go I would still be completely insane.


I’ve been hospitalized 10 times. I’ve never had a hospitalization where when I got out, I said, “Wow, that was a good hospitalization, that really helped.”

I look at them as necessary evils, only to go in as last resorts. They might help a lot of other people though.


Necessary sometimes but boring. The disadvantage was that I was scared. And advantage was I felt safe and cared for.

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Sometimes it becomes necessary.
My last two hospital stays were horrific.
My first hospital stay ever was tolerable.

to me they are boring experiences but very relaxing. i love the food. i like the activities they have for you. the people are weird but nice. if i’m delusional or hallucinating, it can still be hellish some too.

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