Mental health vacation

Is what this pandemic feels like, as horrible as it sounds. So many people are having mental health crises being stuck at home but I am doing amazing, better than I’ve been doing in ages. My sleep is back to normal, I’m losing weight. It’s because the majority of my anxiety comes from things like leaving the house and having to get dressed. Now I no longer need to do those things and am not even expected to! It’s amazing. So since I basically get to avoid all my stressors I’m doing awesome. My anxiety was becoming so debilitating I was looking to start therapy again and now I’m fine. My other friend with schizoaffective says she is having the same experience.

My heart goes out to those who are struggling mentally with the pandemic. I am enjoying the mental health vacation as guilty as that makes me feel. It is a huge relief.


On some level I am also thankful for this break.

I think society was moving too fast, and Mother Nature decided to give the world a ‘time out’.

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