Mental health screening tools

Your screenings are too confined for a particular age group, not to mention this is a sz group of which you have no references for on your website. Why are you posting here? Click-bate?

1)It’s not my site. It was posted for informational purposes.

2) so it does have schizophrenia info

  1. Stop trolling.

@zak, if you have a comment on the screenings, contact information is provided on the webpage itself. @firemonkey is only sharing a link - we’re lucky in that he does a lot of online news gathering and shares his findings here regularly.


@zak, stop harassing @firemonkey. As was explained to you, he was only providing a link. There is absolutely no reason for you to respond rudely to him.

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@Rhubot Stop harassing me or I will report you

@zak, if you want to participate on this website, you will need to adjust your attitude. If you continue to harass our members, I will have to suspend you.

@zak. Rhubot is a Mod. I suggest you dial it back a notch.

Enjoy your break from the forum @zak. I suggest you check your attitude when you return.


@zak, I am just laying out the rules and making sure you understand the consequences. Take a step back from the situation and consider your behavior in this thread.

A moment of silence please…for the time you lost reading this far…nothing against the initial post…but it kinda went south after lol


Now back to our regularly scheduled progamming…

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