Mental health lied to me

I am on my own now. All I have is this forum. The cpn said he was calling crisis services but he lied. I am so angry :triumph:


I’d keep researching for alternatives and being proactive with serious emails to people who provide services. Important to be logical and paint yourself as someone who needs help and put it on them. Your old services were substandard etc…

It’s a hard one. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost services but I know I can be pretty aggressive with public service type people. Complain. Bane of the modern health services.

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Can you call crises services yourself, is it a crises?

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Been there, living that…but my mental health services didn’t lie to me- well, not the one (last) psychologist- the rest did- big fat hairy lies…,.
My divorce severed my health insurance,
and with it went my mental health service.
Had been seeing my pdoc from 1998-2013- the same one!

It felt like a death in the family.

But I manage best I canebrry day… it’s all I can do.

Hope you can keep reaching out until you get what you need, and don’t settle for less than you need either.
Good luck!

Are you in crisis? You have seemed fine lately.

Things the last few days have been getting worse. I am angry because I need to work and all this time wasting is not helping me get back

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