Mental health is actually interesting to talk about

It’s about the deepest ■■■■ there is. The mind is more complex than the world. Even normies can get down on this.


Yes. It’s more interesting than a ‘real’ life.

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I agree with you Bryan, I find the subject of mental illnesses and neurobiology fascinating - the brain is still unchartered territory, unfortunately the “normal brain” people that surround me, including my brother and close family members find the subject of mental illness dull and annoying - its a real shame.
I am even boring my psychologist who is not so interested in talking about the subject

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Yeah not everybody wants to talk about it but when it happens it’s pretty cool.

There are times when even the thought of talking about mental illness annoys me. I go through periods where I just avoid the subject completely.

There are some days for me… that would great. My sis can talk about mental illness… connections between Sz and Autism… bipolar… and on and on and on…

I know she’s trying to help… but there are some days I don’t even want to think about mental illness. I want to walk out the door and have nothing to do with mental illness. Sometimes talking about it just reminds me all over again…


J, are you autistic too?

Yes it is interesting to me as well. I mean I am quite astonished how fragile our mind can be sometimes and how strong it can be other times.
Maybe someone from you guys could enlighten me with the possible answer. I sometimes wonder why can’t someone suffering from schizophrenia tell the difference between real and imaginary voices/images. I mean, do they feel the same? There are many people on this forum who are suffering from this illness but they have accepted that the stuff is not real. Can’t we just eliminate the unreal part of our thoughts from real one. I am too naive to ask such a question to all of you.

I can understand that it’s very easy to comment such thing when you don’t know the pain of it at all and I am really sorry for that.

You’re right - you don’t have to talk about it, but it is more interesting. Maybe that’s what brings psychologists/psychiatrists to the field.

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The answer to it probably is whether that someone has insight or not.

I have friends who are schizophrenic that know they are imaginary voices but still listen to them and even talk to them. Sometimes I hear the imaginary voice in the ‘right’ place and ‘right’ time, so it fools me into thinking the voice is from real person.


I don’t constantly talk about mental illness to my family members like I used to, but even if I mention to my brother especially how I am doing with my symptoms or how I am doing on a new med or dose, he wants nothing to do with it.
He kind of burries his head in the sand when it comes to my life, this is a cop out - after all he is my trustee and he is going to be s big part of my life in the future.
He should know at least how I am doing - wether he likes it or not, mental illness is a part of me

I don’t like to talk about it too much it tends to just overwhelm me then I end up not wanting to talk about it at all

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No… I’m not autistic …

My sis thinks there is a connection between a lot of mental illnesses. She reads about M.I. all the time.

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I agree completely. My ex boyfriend didn’t care about psychology at all, about anything going on in our heads or even how are bodies worked. Said it was boring and that psychology was bunch of nonsense. Whatever. The relationship didn’t last long anyways.