Mental health crisis may be better served in homelike environment instead of traditional ER, says study

Emergency departments may not be the best choice for persons suffering from severe mental illness or emotional distress. According to a new qualitative study by DePaul University School of Nursing researchers, persons in a mental health crisis may be better served in an alternative recovery-oriented, homelike environment instead of a traditional emergency department.

“Hospital emergency departments are not set up for people with emotional problems. Most people with emotional distress come from a chaotic environment and need a safe or calm space to receive proper attention and treatment,” said Mona Shattell, a co-author on a paper published Jan. 7 in the journal Issues in Mental Health Nursing titled “A Recovery-Oriented Alternative to Hospital Emergency Departments For Persons in Emotional Distress: ‘The Living Room.’” Shattell is an associate professor of nursing in DePaul’s College of Science and Health where she also serves as associate dean for research and faculty development.


Seems reasonable - but its hard for some people to get access to any type of calm home-like environment.

Loren Mosher created the community care facility known as Soteria. It was proven that this was more effective in treating schizophrenia, and less costly too, and without medication. Unfortunately, funding for this ran out, as big pharma has a hold of the psychiatry industry. It would be truly revolutionary if this type of community care setting was offered throughout the states.

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