Mental health affects all of us and we need to talk about it

The #itaffectsme campaign aims to create a conversation around mental health issues and show just how prevalent they are. Laura Darrell, the woman behind the campaign, explains why it’s so important to her


I found I became happier after I gave up the hope of trying to be understood with my mental illness by people but maybe other people have had better luck with it than me.

I’ve been daydreaming about making a bumpersticker about schizophrenia and stigma…I’m so tired of stigma, the illness is bad enough.

I liked all of that except where she said women are more likely to have a mental illness. I think the statistics line up that way because mental illness is more stigmatized for men. There is a reason why suicide is the leading cause of death among young men in the UK. But that’s just me going on about gender equality again.


Please, do your thing :smile:

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They found that male and female brains in humans seem to have no physical difference at all. This would lead one to the conclusion if they think it through logically that all the stereotypical piece of ■■■■ behavior traits of both genders are probably created through societal conditioning. Although hormones unique for each gender may also play a role but I guess more research needs to be done.

Even if a parent were to try to raise their kid gender neutral and did everything perfectly, the kid is probably still going to tend towards what their peers of their own gender are doing whether they choose to or not.

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