Men in black!


i’m doing cbt.
my ocd is diminishing.
my ptsd is diminishing.
my pyschotic anger generally is less.
my paranoia is less
i will always be sz but i was getting a little ahead of myself…over confident !!

then i was walking out of the coffee shop in my small local town and a guy in a smart suit looked at me, smiled and walked past…mmmmmmm…my immediate thought ,he was with ASIO ( which is the australian equvilant to M16 or CIA or FBI…)
then i thought he was from a mental hospital…
then i saw a white car with two more guys in dark suits inside…my suspicion soared !?!
they were coming for me…
but when i got into my car i realized i was being stupid…
it was a bit depressing because i thought i was doing so well…
on the plus side the coffee and slice were good…
take care


Well don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t see that every day.


That is a day ruiner :frowning:

I was feeling absolutely liberated by lunch time today… Three hours later I realized that I had been tossing around a delusion and was overly hard on myself for long after.


Oh, well -----------


Maybe he was with ASIO and was also going for coffee? Agents drink coffee too, and some lots of it!
My late wife caught 2 men in a silver car watching her and one ran and did something to the phone box on her house. these were MIB.
I also caught a tail one time from a female MIB…she follwed me everywhere in town and when i pulled in a store she would also pull in, when i went in another store she stopped and got gas, then when i started taking random turns she also took the same turns, which would make no sense to do unless she was following me. Finally I pulled a fast one, pulled in a driveway real fast, letting her pass, then pulling out and getting behind her, then following her for a few turns as she tried to shake my tail… finally at the intersection I turned off and honked my horn and waved…

And she was dressed like this…tell me that wasnt an FIB or WIB or whatever you call a girl in black… and she had sunglasses on when driving too… total agent look, tight black clothes…yup…

Oh, did I mention I had written to some foreign governments a few weeks prior to this incident with anti war propaganda? that probably had nothing to do with the tail though, do ya think?


Yeah, Jessica Alba’s big break. Can’t think of the name of her show. “Dark Angel” ?


Yup…that was a cool show too…the girl who tailed me didn’t look like Jessica though, but had more of an agent look in her face…very attractive though…she might have even been a stealth ninja assassin. She was tall too, maybe 5’ 11 or 6’…


You are doing very well.